Cabling Without Cable Needles

I'm diligently hacking away at the Aran. It crossed my mind for a brief instant to simply bag the whole project because I'd made a mistake that required frogging.

I didn't. I frogged a bit and fixed it.

Advice to go with the flow and let the cables come to you is nice, but I need to get into the project a bit more to recognize the twists and turns. It took me a whole sleeve to ingrain C2F, T4B, T4F, C4B, etc. without having to go back to the chart explanations to figure out which stitch or stiches get held where.

I tell you what though, GREAT practice for cabling without cable needles is that Koolhaas Hat (Brooklyn Tweed). I'm so glad I did that before tackling this, because if I had to deal with a third needle every four stitches, I think I would have bagged the whole project.


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Well I like the sleeve you've shown us. It helped kick my arse in to gear. My aran had stalled. I had problems in the ribbing joining the main pattern... it was clumsy. Then I discovered that there were quite a few mistakes but couldn't and wouldn't believe them and then this evening I discovered that the mistake was my copying the instructions from the original document on to my paper... I'd left out a line, I'd switched sections... it was a mess and ... my aran showed that. I ripped right back to the ribbing and although it is still only early stages, it seems to be going a lot better.

I'm cabling without a cable needle at the moment ... I went in to a wool shop and what I was given was meant to be a cable needle. Unfortunately I didn't know the Turkish word for cable and the guy didn't know what I was on about anyway... my Turkish is very limited. So he just gave me a short needle. It does the job but I have since been told that a cable needle looks nothing like what I'm using. But not a problem. I'll flying home in a few days and I can ask the ladies all I need to know about knitting.

AM hoping my aran comes out as well as your sleeve... it has potential.
Istanbul, Turkey... actually on Langkawi Island, Malaysia then tomorrow to Singapore,
Monday leave for Australia.


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I also began cabling without the cable needle on the koolhaas. That project is made for needle-less cabling. It's about time for me to make another I think.


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I have done sweaters with aran's and cables and find it is so much easier to do without a cable needle. But also i have gotten to the point where i have learned to fix most of the mistakes and love the act of knitting so that frogging doesn't really bother me. It is usually only a day's work at the most. Bravo to you for frogging and making things right.