Any experience with Hempwol:Hemp for Knitting

Hello guys. I have a stash of a worsted weight “Hempwol : hemp for knitting”. Does anyone have any experience with this yarn, or with hemp in general? (the Fibre kind). It may only be available in Canada since the company is in B.C. And I suspect there may be some legal things in the U.S. with hemp. It is a blend of 65% wool and 35% hemp.
In particular, I am thinking of a man’s sweater with a lot of cable work. How does the fibre drap, and will the cables be and remain distinct and crisp over time? Does it hold its shape well over time or does it get droopy? I am told it softens with washing over time. Is that in a good way or a bad way for a cable sweater?
Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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I have found Hempwol is very similar to Cascade Yarns' Rustic, a blend of 79% wool and 21% linen. The linen smartens up the wool to act more like a short fiber yarn, drapes beautifully, holds texture like cables and has a tweedy look but very subtle in the darker shades, more like ice cream colors in lighter shades. You should be fearless with it. I am doing my next project with Rustic, and the Hempwol was an alternative for a hooded sweater I am making.

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