My first pair of socks!

I just completed my first pair of socks!. I have learned 2 things from this project. 1) I do not have a sock fetish. Nope, not me. Socks do absolutely nothing for me. Anyone wanna explain the fascination? 2) I really need to stop working with black yarn. I know it is a pain to work with, but for some reason, I keep getting drawn to it. I start a project thinking how great it's gonna look and get halfway through it and start complaining about how monotonous it is.


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Congratulations! I find that socks are a great project and you learn a lot. I finally got to make two socks on two circulars and it took me like a week, but I finsihed them. MOre practice will let you cast on and fly, but the greatest secret for the socks are your addi turbo needles, or any needles that allow you to knit fast and effortlessly.

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The socks look great! I am a sock addict, I think for me it is the gorgeous hand dyed yarns that keep me hooked. I also love working with the tiny needles and skinny yarn.



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I don't have a fetish about socks but I almost always have socks on the needles as they are easy to knit at the pub knit group I meet up with each Sunday afternoon.

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Pub knit groups are the best. We have one here in Raleigh that just rocks. The servers are all impressed that there are a couple of guys that come out regularly. We get the best service. Knitting and beer; how can one be happier?

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Black yarn for your first socks? No wonder you got frustrated. I have only made a couple of pairs in black (or any really dark yarns) and find I have to use a 100 watt bulb - or bright sunshine - to see if there are any mistakes. Brave soul, please give socks another try - with a lighter color. --Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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grats! they look great! I love to knit socks, just because they are easy to take with you if you need something to keep your hands busy.
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Sock are when I feel like knitting but not thinking - lace is for when I feel like knitting and thinking. Socks are also good for traveling and when watching a foreign film with sub-titles. The best thing about socks is that they make a great gift for anyone. I've given socks to almost all of my freinds and family and they all love them and ask for more. Giving hand knitted socks is like giving a sustained hug that lasts as long as the socks do. And one last sock bennifit - sock yarn is so cool! So many colors and patterns to choose from. I'm like Randy, I like tiny needles and thin, thin yarn. I just bought a pair of 00 circs to learn how to do two at a time on and because they don't seem to make 00 in dpns.

Very nice socks for your first pair by the way.

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First of all, I almost always agree completely with you about anything knitting...and this post would be no exception if you hadn't mentioned 00 double pointed needles weren't available.

You can get 000000, 00000, 0000, 000, or 00 double pointed needles. Addi makes them (they are metal...I wouldn't trust such thin wooden needles). Lacis I know carries the small sizes, but I'm sure there are others as well.

I would love to see folks making socks on 000000 needles, but most folks use them for lace knitting.

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But where do I find them? Niether my LYS or Knitpicks carries them. Knitpicks usually has everything so I figured they just weren't available.

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Well done... your first attempt looks better than mine.
I didn't use a sock yarn, I used a superbulky then looked on Ravelry for a pattern. I did both socks according to the pattern and both socks have a bulge directly opposite the heel... and anteheel ??? Anyway, my dad says that he will wear them ... at home while watching tv because they are too big and bulky for his golfing shoes or any shoes... I have other socks on the needle at the moment but I am following a bought pattern and they seem to be going well... except I've put them down and gone on holiday... taking my aran sweater and finishing it. So when back in Istanbul, will get back on to my second pair of socks. I can only hope they come out as well as your first pair.
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