Knitting slippers

Does anybody have a pattern for knitting slippers? I'd be much obliged to learn about it if you do.

I'm trying to develop slippers that are more grandpa than grandma (no offense -- it's only a gender thing) and that are not just socks without the leg part. So far I've produced some knitted oddities that are worthy of the Hand-Did Hall of inFamy.

I'm knitting them for John, my size 14 spouse. I want to try slapping some kind of tread on the bottoms of the slippers to stabilize big John (it wouldn't be pretty if he slipped.) At the risk of expulsion from this knitting community, I confess I have a how-to page from Ms Stewarts' mag (pre-criminalization) for a simple iron-on-glue/faux suede sole for knitted slippers (leg-free socks, they.) Looks like it might work. Maybe some baseball stitching around the edges would help -- make that Giants baseball stitching.

Pattern, anyone?


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Try Elizabeth Zimmermann's "Moccasin Socks" and just shorten the leg length to just ankle height and then, try a good thick rubbery puff paint (you can get it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby or Ben Franklin or Jo Ann's or pretty much anywhere) and draw single lines, perhaps down the columns of the stocking stitch of the sole.


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Just now looked at these. Have you made them? If so, how does the sole feel. I ask because from the photo on her website (of buying place) for this sock, that half circle fan at sole front looks like it might call for an inner sole in the sockslipper. Comment? And thanks for the puff paint lead; I'd never heard of this.

Regards, Jerry

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my favorite pattern for slippers is the felted slippers - I think it's berocco... check my project page on ravelry for the pattern info :)


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I've made 2 types of felted slippers:

Fiber Trends Clogs. The pattern is available online and at LYS for around $5 USD and worth every penny.

Swedish Slippers. These are super easy and comfortable. You can see the finished product on my Ravelry page, as well as an older MWK post. If you want the pattern, contact me.

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I just now read Carole Nichole Abrams' piece on SwedSlips and bookmarked it. Interesting. I also see that you've saved me about $20 by mentioning that one can buy just the clog pattern. I'll try my LYS. Thanks very much.

Regards, Jerry

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I swear by the Fiber Trends Felted Slippers. I've made more pairs of them than I care to count, but they are a great slipper and I personally love wearing them. So does Mom.

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Dang! Y'all're talking me into these slippers. Seein' as how you've made lots of them, do you mind my asking questions when I bang into problems as I knit them?

Regards, Jerry

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I've made the Fiber trends clogs and really like them. If you're not wanting to do felting (fulling), you might check out the "Saturday Morning Slippers" from The Knitting (Man)ual (pg. 29). I haven't made them, but have made several things out of the book and found her patterns reasonably easy to follow. They use US8 and Worsted Weight, so they shouldn't take terribly long to make.

Grace and Peace,

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On your and others' recommendations, I just now looked at these felted clogs on line. Looks like they have a separately knit sole -- for gluing rug backer or painting anti-skid substance onto the bottom of (pardon the abused preposition.) I must say these are intriguing.

Here's my string of no/nots: I've never felted a piece of knitting (or anything else.) And I'm trying to abstain from knitting-book-buying because I have bought so many of them and have made so little from them. Instead, I'm in an internet search period combined with too often laughable design-it-myself excursions.

But that felted sucker looks so good! To do the felting, John and I could play catch with the slippers during our 110-deg Sacramento days. That'd shrink them right up (and me, too.)

Thanks for replying

Regards, Jerry

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Don't forget to utilize your local library. If they don't have a particular book, they can often inter-library loan a copy for you. That way, if you decide you DO want a personal copy you know you'll enjoy it before buying. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lars: Thanks for your comments. I'd not thought of rug backer as sole fodder (food for the "sole"?) Great idea. Rug backer's single purpose is to stop rugs from sliding -- and a rug normally slides only when there's a foot on it. That is, (from the top down) for rugs it's foot on rug on backer. For slippers it would be the same: foot on knitted fabric (rug) on backer. Brilliant. Merci or danke, in your case.

Regards, Jerry