"JOG" line

I remember once running across a technique somewhere for eliminating the "jog" line that occurs in round knitting where the round joins. Does anyone know anything about this?


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When you get to the join of the new color, knit into the stitch below, then continue normally. It's really that easy, and works great!

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You have to make sure each stripe is at least 2 rows high. You join in the new color, and when you get back around to the beginning of the round...as you start the second round of the new color, as vsidart said, you knit the stitch below together with the first stitch of the round. (I do it by inserting my right needle into the stitch below the first new color stitch, lifting it to the left needle, and knitting into it and the first new color stitch. I think it's exactly the same as if you just went straight into the stitch below though.)

I've seen another technique that works almost as well where you just slip the first stitch of the round before you join in the new color.


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Here you are:
And one of my favorite blogs for techniques...very explicit:


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Hey Albert: Here are a few approaches from Tech Knitting.

For elimination of the jog at the beginning of circular knitting:

For elimination of the jog in stripes within circular knitting:

Hope these are of help.



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Thanks, guys!

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Funny you ask. I just got a thing on this in my e-mail a couple of days ago...

Knitting Daily Blog (7-3-09)

It includes a vid.

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