Anyone in Iowa?

Next Friday I'll be leaving for Iowa to ride my 3rd Ragbrai ( It's a southern route this year that hugs just below I-80....

Anyhow, Just out of curiosity I thought I'd see if anyone might be from around the area.... (or even riding?!)

Grace and Peace,


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I'm originally from Iowa - but I don't think that counts ... have a great ride.

Made the trek a few years back, tons of fun. Hope everything goes smoothly the whole way through - have a nice ride!

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I WAS right there in the Quad Citites over July 4th...


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My daughter-in-law is from Burlington, and she has a lot of family there. Don't think that counts either though,


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I'm not in Iowa...but...if you think of it during the ride, give a look northward and a wave to us in Minnesota.

Hope you have a great ride.