OK, now I need help

I was taken aback a couple of weeks ago when I was approached first by Toni Neil and then later by Mary Macheroux at the McHenry County Fair asking if I'd be willing to judge the knit and crochet entries for this year's fair. I had some doubts about my qualifications, but in the end I agreed to do it.

It's official, the letter of confirmation arrived in yesterday's mail, so I'll be doing this on August 1. Hopefully, I won't be tarred and feathered for my choices.

Now I'm looking for advice on the subject. There are not usually a huge number of entries, and I know fair judges here get an opportunity to write comments to each entrant with suggestions and so forth. But there seems not to be any judging standard. I had expected something with so many points for design, so many for execution, so many for originality, appropriateness of materials, and so forth. I guess I can invent one, but if any of you are aware of articles on the subject, I'd sure be thankful to hear about it.


I think you'll have a ball.  What a great experience.  I judged the Florida Tropical Weavers Guild conference a few years ago in Spinning/Knitting.  And, you're right.  I don't know of any  guidelines either.  I just took in the garment, how well it was spun, the

suitablity of the fibre for the garment, etc.  You'll be fine!  Congratulations.

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm looking forward to it actually.