My 2nd Pair of Socks!

I finished these up about a week ago. They were originally intended for me, but I got lazy when knitting the foot and made it too short to fit my size 11 foot. Hence, Tracy ended up with another pair as he has a much smaller foot. They fit him perfectly and he really liked the colorway. I think they'd go great with jeans! I got the yarn from Knit Picks. The yarn, called Felici, is a self-striping 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon priced at $5.29 per 50 gram ball (I used 2 skeins). They are incredibly soft and I would definitely order this yarn again! I used US size 2 double pointed bamboo needles and they were knit from the cuff down with a k1, sl1 (p on WS) heel and a short row turn. I hate doing the kitchener stitch and it never seems to look very good when I do it, so instead I turned the sock inside out and used a 3 needle bind off from the WS and was much happier with the result. My friend, Kim, who is also the owner of my LYS showed me how to do the Turkish cast on and knit the sock from the toe up using two circular needles, but I hated it! I prefer and am much more comfortable with my DP's! I'll just have to do them one at a time.

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Those look great, and like Tracy, I love the colorway. BTW, my foot size is about US 9.5, so if you get lazy on any future pairs, feel free to keep me in mind :)

8.5 here, let me know via pm if you need my mailing address.

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Very nice socks, Millard. I also love my DPN's and very seldom work on anything else. Right now, I am doing a pair with Magic Loop but only for the novelty of saying I did it. Have to agree about Kitchener. I do a drawn up toe but have considered the 3-needle bind off as an alternative. When you do make a pair for yourself, you may do like I have and rarely make another pair for others. (To their very vocal complaints!) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wonderfully done! The colourway is terrific, and I agree they will coordinate well with denim.
I, too, prefer my DPN's, and the three needle bindoff vs the Kitchener method. Thanks for the tip of performing the bindoff on the WS. It definitely does provide much better appearance.

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Beautiful! Socks are very addicting. In order to feed my addiction, I have registered for a Magic Loop class at my LYS. This class is a lead-in to the two-at-a-time sock class offered next month. I'll be making socks like crazy after these classes!

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Very nice!

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Love them - I hope to complete my first ever pair of socks soon. Not sure I'll knit any more though as I've found them quite difficult!!

I really like them! You are right, they would look good with jeans! I am a 10.5 is if future ones fall in between you and Tracy, I can send you my address ;)