OT: My Nephew is Here!

My nephew Alex arrived yesterday. He has moved to the great Pacific Northwest to finish his engineering degree. I'm soooo excited. He has turned into such a nice young man. He doesn't knit but that's okay; he talks geeky math stuff with me.



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YAY geeky math stuff. Almost as good as knitting.


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Yeah... once I figured out that knitting was all binary, it all made sense to me

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Being a bit dyslexic - especially concerning numbers - I can't get excited about the geeky math part. However, you could always encourage him to learn to knit because math is so important when you are doing it. LOL Still, I hope you have lots of enjoyment with Alex. Nice relations with relatives make things go sooo much easier. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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It's kinda nice when nephews get to the rational human stage of life. And amazing what they will put up with and for their Uncles...(such as bringing his 4 week old daughter to a Renaissance Fesitval to meet him!)

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Derivatives! Charmed numbers! Torus structures and game theory! Be still my calculating engine!

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But, a big part of knitting, and it's appeal (for some) IS geeky math stuff, isn't it?

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Nephews are great and I would hang with any of mine any day. Do you get to keep yours or will he be residing elsewhere?

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I get to keep him for about a month. He wants his own place.

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