Knit a river

Dear Gentlemen

Please forgive me for just posting about the knitted river all the time, it's because it's (almost) the biggest thing in my life at the moment.

We have posters available if any one would like one for display in the lys or church hall or anywhere(!). It would be great to have a poster next to every water cooler is the western world.

the poster is also available as pdf but I'd love to send them through the post. If you are interested email your deatils and the amount and I'll get right to it.




 If you'll send me a poster I'll have my Wicked Yarn Pusher (aka: WYP) put one up
in her store along with the pdf that I'll download.  We have lots of things such as this
going on: knitting for preemies, knitting turbans for Women battling cancer, even a group knitting hats, socks, mufflers, blankets for the children of Mongolia, for Heaven's sake! 

  Projects such as this that just need squares are really popular.  Everyone has some kind of stash laying around (some more than others . . . ahem . . .) that could be useful.

I'll send you my snailmail addy.

Alles Beste,

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker