Knitting in public

This is a repost from another list. Colin is a socknitter from the UK. He has some medical problems, but is very prolific as a socknitter. He recently posted this message, which I am sending to the guys on this list, as they may relate.
I had a doctors appointment this morning. As is my wont, I sat in the waiting room knitting my sock. The last time I did this, a small group of more mature people, women mainly, started to talk with me about what I was doing. They were uniformly impressed.

This morning two young women sat opposite me and they started to talk about what I was doing. they could be clearly heard but obviously though I was of an age that I would surely be deaf so they didn't moderate either their volume or their words. They discussed what i could possibly be knitting. giggly. Neither guessed it was a sock. they decided in the end that I was knitting a Willy Warmer.

I said nothing until I was called for me appointment. At that time, I looked at the two young women and said;

'If you think that is a Willy Warmer, you are going to be very disappointed in life, but I do thank you for the compliment.'

I then hobbled off to see the Doc.


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Good comeback! Goes to show how misinformed some people are...let alone rude. Glad that the previous experience was much better and more in line with what I have happen while knitting in public. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Ever since I quit smokiing I knit everywhere and the most surprising thing that happens to me is that a lot of people simply don't know what I'm doing. Mostly, I too, take socks out and about and the four needles really baffle people. And have you noticed how many people don't know the difference between knit and crochet. It astounds me. My husband is one of those people. He can't tell a knit garment from a crocheted one and he doesn't know a crochet hook from a kntting needle, really. Anyway knitting in public fun - I've had some great conversations with people and I've never been treated with derision or rudely just genuine interest.

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I have exact experience. Four needles are crazy. Ever ripped out in public...seen the eyes widen?
I actually met a guy who was crocheting a blanket, but he thought he was knitting... oops.


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That was a great response by him. When I KIP I always get positive reactions from people, although I do agree that most don't know crochet from knit.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

Hi Mason - welcome back!