Men's Midwest Knitting Retreat

I had the pleasure of hanging out with ChiKnitterGuy today at the Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair. We met lots of wonderful fiber folks and each of us made some strategic purchases. For me, the strategy was (1) to spend as little money as possible (2) payment by cash only, (3) absolutely no yarn could come home with me. I did very well by spending a mere $24 for two hand turned wooden shawl pins! I did plenty of looking, touching...

We were busy networking and getting the word out about the retreat. We made some great connections and got some really encouraging support! STAY TUNED for some exciting news about activities being offered at the 2009 Men's Midwest Knitting Retreat. (You're gunna be so jealous... or you could book a flight to come to the retreat!)


QueerJoe's picture

It's amazingly positive that two such committed guys are working on this retreat. I'm sure WonderMike will tell you this too, but yours and Todd's work will make this an amazing event.