Finished Pillow

Finally I finished my first knitted pillow. I used Cascade 220 wool yarn (#5 needles) with the "checkerboard" stitch on both sides. I saved myself a lot of headache and time by using a store bought pillow form (12" by 16"). I used the "mattress" stitch to seam the edges. At first this took awhile to figure out, but by the time I got to the last seam, the seaming took no time at all. I am very pleased with the results.

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Beautiful job Cullen, it came out great! The colors work really well together and the texture is fabulous.

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Hey Mr. Cullen - that's looks great! I don't know if I know checkerboard - is it really just a checkerboard? Not something like basket stitch. I love the pillow. Great job!


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Very attractive. I like the pattern and the colours are so great.

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Beautiful pillow, great job!



The colors do go so well together. Great job.

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Very nice, I have been thinking about making some pillows for our flat, we have a fold out bed and there's only 2 cushions on it for the back of it when it's a couch. good plan using pillow forms, I often used them when I made pillows from needlework.
I think the pattern is something Ruben can live with, he's really worried that I'm going to want lace and such all over the flat, I'm not a lace kinda girl :p But since suggesting black lace curtains in the window he's been leary.

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