Thanks Vidal Sassoon

Well I felted my first pair of clogs last night.

There were a few tense moments in the process but overall I think they came out alright.

Given that I had a made a few mistakes in knitting the first clog I decided to felt them individually. That way I could shape the one I had knitted correctly to the size I wanted and then work on getting the second one to conform to size.

Clog one felted just fine but about half way through, when I pulled the piece out to check on its progress, I noticed that the heel stitches had come loose. There was a small hole on the back bumper between the two soles. I added a few extra stitches using a large and very sharp needle and then continued the felting process. The piece came out great but it had a much furrier exterior than I expected.

Then when I checked on the second clog midway through I had a moment of panic: the sole and bumper were now on the inside of the clog. I guess the agitation process had turned the entire piece inside out. Though the piece felted up fine the second clog got all of that extra furry finish on what was now the inside of the clog. I tried a few things to increase the furry factor on the right side of clog two but nothing really seemed to work -- so I decided I would just have to give both of them a good shaving.

And it turns out that I happened to have the perfect tool for the job - I just bought a new Vidal Sassoon personal groomer kit to get ready for the summer swim season. It's a cordless wet-dry groomer that has all sorts of attachments. I bought the groomer kit because it came with an extra long handle so I could trim my own back hair (yes my back has a certain resemblance to that furry clog). All of those attachments that I thought were so cool for my beard and that help groom those more personal areas turned out to work really well on clogs too! 

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Great job!  Did you enjoy the project?


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Ben!!! Wink

Makes me wonder what your pubes look like given your expertise with the clippers!  Again the furriness has a lot to do with the yarn.  The Berroco Ultra Alpaca (50/50 Alpaca, wool) has a minimal amount of fuzzy.  The pair I did in 100% alpaca took longer to felt but has a pleasant bumpy surface.  Much like that of what I would call looking at the surface of a a bowl of creamed corn.  Yours are great looking and that is what I have been curious about... how different fibers and fiber blends react given the same pattern. 

 Good job my friend!   Would you do another pair????

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Thanks for instigating the clog-along. I think I may become a clogaholic. The more you make the easier the pattern is to follow. I already have a new set on my needles. I bought the kids pattern along with the pattern for adults. The adult pair I just finished is for my sister -- her birthday is tomorrow. Now I am on to making coordinating sets for her seven year old twin girls.


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That is a very sweet thing for you to say.  Me also.  When the first pair were felted and I slipped them on and felt the softness of the sole.... I was hooked.  And you are right, the following pairs get faster and faster to accomplish.  As far as the kids' pattern is concerned... why didn't we get that Ben kid in on this.  He could have whipped out a pair!

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck