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I am totally shelving my feather and fan scarf. That is the project I was talking about in my previous posts re: the joins. For the record, thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the joins. They were helpful, and I think I've found a join that will work. My problem now is that I'm wholly unmotivated to spend that amount of time on this project. Changing colors every four rows is a pain in my ass, and I do NOT have the drive to do so right now. LOL I think it will be my project for Mondays at work where I can sit there and painstakingly join yarn just as I get going at a good clip while my telephone customers drone on and refuse to let me speak...or ask me questions when I'm in the midst of answering the very questions they're asking me. Knitting is good for keeping me from slamming my head on the desk.

I'm going to work on another So-Called Scarf now with another beautiful skein of Trabajos del Peru (which I actually prefer to Manos) that my yarn store gave me for half off... just 'cause! Actually, I had filled up my punch card and got $15 off, which covered one skein, so they're not THAT magnanimous, but still. :-)

Here is a picture of the feather-and-fan scarf so far. I love the color combo but just wish I wasn't so impatient with joining the yarn. LOL That's my fault, though...not the yarn's.


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I understand the whole getting unmotivated thing. At least it's not another YDSP.
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I can relate, somehow the feather and fan scarf starts of as a nice project but halfway through I found that I too lacked the motivation to continue knitting.

However, yours does look much nicer then mine!

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I really like the color combos.

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The scarf is beautiful! I hate having to change colors, I'm working on a baby sweater for my grandson's baby and it's a real pita.



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If it's every 4 rows, you should just run the yarn up the side, and not break and join. I totally understand losing motivation though.


I find this to be very beautiful. I really like the colors.

I hope you finish this because it's really beautiful.

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I have never understood how people change colours so seamlessly. So I only use more than one colour when making a sweater where you can hide the mess on the inside.

Thomas suggests running the yarn up the side. But how would you achieve the beautifully crisp edges?

Lastly: Yes, it's an absolutely lovely scarf. Take it out in a year or so and do a bit more. Eli

Eli B.

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I agree with Eli, with running it up the edges you won't get the same edge and you can't really hide them as well I think. I did this with the illusion scarf I made for my daughter and I really wasn't all that happy with the edge. but that was every two rows and I was lazy :/
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American