failure for the moment

Well, I tried. It was to be my first lace piece with lace weight yarn. I guess I'm just not there yet. It felt like I was knitting with air and I could hardly see what was going on. I was attempting the Chevron Scarf from Arctic Lace. After four attempts and not getting past the 9th row I just figured I'm not ready yet. In all fairness the pattern included two yo's together and that combined with that tiny, tiny thread proved to be too much for my clumsy guy hands. So I'm going to do the same pattern in a sport weight and attempt it again later on with the lace weight. I'm hoping that more experience will help me out.


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I think I had three attempts before I managed to get beyond the first couple of sets of the pattern. Big hands here too! Like you I decided that heavier yearn was the was to go for the third attempt. It was still hard work, but a success. I also learned why life lines are called life lines and learned to use them withough fail. Good luck on the next draft - Phil

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I have tried multiple times to do lace and it was just a miserable failure, but right now I'm working on the Montavilla bag from Knitpicks and after 3 attempts I have finally managed to get the hang of it. Lace really takes all my concentration, and although I'm nearly finished with the lace part AND it's in worsted weight cotton (cotton of course having it's own unique problems) I'm considering putting it down and starting something simple (socks) just to get back to the enjoyable part of knitting again, after alot of frustration I get to where knitting isn't relaxing at all.
I would try a heavier yarn, I find it easier in worsted weight and am starting to get the idea of trying fingering weight again. O.o
and just so everyone knows, it's MMario's blame that I'm obsessed with trying to knit lace, if his lace patterns weren't so gorgeous, I don't even wear shawls!

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Don't give up, Scott. Lace work can be very rewarding. However, your decision to try a thicker yarn first is good. I also recommend having a simpler "go-to" project to give you a break when you need one. Really large lace projects can become overwhelming to the most experienced knitter, so just be patient with yourself. You'll get there. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.