Japanese anyone?

I really want to do this hat. I think I have the knitting symbols figured out but I'm not sure about the rest of it.

any help guys? http://homepage3.nifty.com/omura/keito/escargo-cap/escargo-cap-1.htm


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Does this help at all?

Google Translate for this page.

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"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright


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You smart cookie!

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That's hysterical and kind of amazing at the same time.

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Not a Japanese reader or speaker but have been dealing with Japanese books for beading,tatting, bobbin lace, hand and machine knitting for a few years and can figure out most things. As for the symbols...the lower case l over the yo is "usually" Knit Thru Back Loop, everything else is pretty common, open square is knit on rs purl ws (stockinette), - is purl , / is K2Tog, -/- is p2Tog, on the left edge is also K2Tog.

A little sketchy here but it calls for a size 8 mm needle which seems on the large size?
and under the pic of the parallelogram it appears that 106 rows is 34cm which is 13.25 repeats
so I think that it is calling for 13 repeats--you'll have to tell us LOL!

Cast on 65 sts
R1: K
R2: P
R3: K2Tog, YO, knit to end of row K2Tog
R4: P till 2 sts from end PURL Thru Back Loop, P1--you're ptbl so that you do not have a hole like you would in lace
R5: P2Tog, YO, purl to end of rown P2Tog
R6: K till 2 sts Knit Thru Back Loop, K1
R7: P2Tog, YO, purl to end of rown P2Tog
R8: K till 2 sts Knit Thru Back Loop, K1
Repeat these 8 rows.

You will use a mattress stitch to form the parallelogram into a bias tube, pull a yarn thru the top of the hat going between the stockinette reverse stockinette sections and pull together. Forget about the crochet stuff unless you really want that strange little flower on your hat. If you do I'll help you then LOL.

Good Luck and I'm thinking maybe I'm going to try this one myself!

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Being an artist for a second, the "strange flower" may be just a representation of the antennae of the beast. But I could be wrong...

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I saw that hat a few months ago, but I had no patience to even start trying to understand the pattern, Now I think I'll give it a go, don't know why I didn't bother to ask you guys then LOL
Maybe I was a ditzy blonde in a past life O.o
I've seen some half assed attempts to make a hat similiar but none looked the same.

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