fishing and knitting don't go together!

Took the boat out yesterday for a day of spring salmon fishing.

Was knitting while waiting for a bite and away went my rob and the fish. I had to dive in and swim to retrieve it quick!

In the end I caught a 26 lb salmon and made a mess of the lace I was trying to knit. Lace and yarn overs frustrate me. I will conquer it eventually.

One or the other from now on.


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To hell with the rod and the fish- Thank God the knitting didn't go overboard!

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I'm glad at least Albert has his priorities to speak.

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I would say knitting lace and fishing don't go together next time take socks they can be knit while in a coma.

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ok I can understand this dilemna, I love to fish, even if I don't catch anything, but I think my rod would have been long gone before I was able to decide if I should put down the knitting and go after it. this kind of decisions I don't want to have to make. I think I will stick to reading while fishing.
MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I have to agree with the others...take something easy to knit on while you fish. That way you can put it down and grab the rod. Congrats on the 26 pounder, anyway. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I think part of it is muscle memory. Inadvertant yarnovers is a problem that tends to plague new knitters...and your fingers learn to tell when you've made a yarnover rather then a knit stitch. Then, lo and behold, you are doing yarnovers deliberately....and I think some peoples fingers just get confuzzled.

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