help with first attempt

Hi all,

My mother came by yesterday abd she brought a present, 4 hanks of beautifull pearl-gray lace weight yarn, the only problem is I have never attempted knitting lace, I've checked ravelry but, basically I'm left not being able to see the trees through the forest, could you guys recommend something simple, easy and yet stunningly fabulous I could try?



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As beginner of first lace knittner,
I will start with lace stole pattern first then lace shawl pattern for next. For stole patterns, you just need to cast on for the stitchs nomaly as beging of you knitted, but shawls, you need to learn different cast and it's increased by every lows so you have to count every lows correct number for next rows required.

I will recommend "Cold Mountain Stole" by Kieran Foley(It's also guy designer too!).
This pattern is pubished in this years Knitty's Summer pattern. It's simple stole pattern has easy YO(yarn over) pattern all over. Compare to other lace patterns, for this pattern... On WS (Worng Side) you just need to PURL them all! Don't have remember the Purl. Just remember the KNIT side.

Another simple laces pattern is "Woodland Shawl Stole" by Nikol Lohr. (
This is also easy pattern adaptable for everything from a scarf to a shawl, a neck warmer to a blanket.
Also this pattern, WS (Worng Side) you just need to PURL them all.

Last lace pattern recommendation is "Candle Flame Shawl" by Debra Bright .
This is also great and lovely simple lace pattern also WS (Worng Side) you just need to PURL them all.

Hope this patterns help you out!

Charles from CA

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Thanks for posting the links to these patterns, I just might try and have a go at one of these.

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Sounds like a question for LACE MAN (aka Mario, aka Voodo Lace Guy, aka Dark Prince, aka etc.)

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suggestion. Do a lace scarf in a heavier yaRN BEFORE ATTEMPTING YOUR LACEWEIGHT PROJECT.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

Mario's is a great suggestion (of course!). My wife and any number of other knitters have made the same recommendation regarding learning how to knit socks. Make one with worsted weight on size 4 needles before attempting tiny sock yarn on size 1 or 0. It's a great way to learn the mechanics on a size of needle/yarn where you can really see what you're doing.

Good luck.


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First off, let me say what a huge smile seeing your picture brought to my face! It's good to see you!

I agree with MMario - do your first "lace" project using heavier yarn. It's easier to see and control while you learn the pattern repeats... and the project is a "quick knit" with relatively quick satisfaction.

The only thing I have ever knit in lace weight is MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl. It's a wonderfully simple pattern that, when blocked, blossoms into this spectacular web that always gets rave reviews. I actually like using DK or Bulky for the lace shawls as Winter here can be rather cold. Utility over Fashion!

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right, so I guess I'll go for a cheap acrylic yarn to test-knit something, still no idea what to actually knit though

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Take a look at this one. It's pretty easy and it's fun.

I agree with what everyone else said with using a thicker yarn but a sport or DK weight shouldn't be too difficult for you and will still give you a nice lace look. I find cheap acrylic hard to work with so maybe look for something that's mostly wool and not fuzzy. My first lace project was done with Silkywool
It's not very expensive, knits easily and comes in fabulous colors. Good luck! There is almost nothing as much fun as knitting lace.

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I was just looking on and was reading the article called Stiches In Time, it was on basic lace knitting, about making a lace sampler give it a look and see if it will help you out any, also try doing this as Mario has suggested using bulky yarn. Any way just a thought.
Barry-Kilted Knitter

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Dunno what else I can add other than MMario is a genius/enabler and he would never steer you wrong.

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I think you underestimate yourself... to be honest :) - but I agree - try larger yarn first at least for a generous swatch before messing around with lace.... I haven't done a lot of lace by any means (just enough to know that I don't want to do it) - but it's GORGEOUS and I can't wait to see what you are coming up with!




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The Candle Flame Shawl, which Knitterwon66 gave the link for, is originally written for bulky yarn. I didn't think it was technically lace, but I have since been assured that it is indeed lace. You can check out my attempt at the link below. It was a fun knit, and really not bad at all! It lends itself to finding your mistakes pretty quickly, and it's rather intuitive once you do a little bit. I used fingering weight yarn on US 9 needles, and it was a real blast to block. I recommend it.