Ravelry chatroom

Ok, I don't know the who, what, where, when (other than Casey, who is the code geek of the network)

...but, I decided to ask, publicly, while earburning Casey, of course, to get a chatroom coded into the MWK group there.

Might it be nice to drop in for a word or two in RT every once and again?



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Any administrator for the MWK group on the Ravelry site can set up the chat room. I have two groups where I am the administrator (Cardiff Knitters & Knit Not Eat) and I have set up the chat rooms for the groups members.
If the Administrator of the Rav MWK does not want to set up the chat room then Casey can’t set one up for us. hizknits as the group administrator would be the one to PM and ask for the chat room to be set up for us.
Hope this information helps?