In Memoriam - Bruce (a.k.a. Scenter)

It's come to my attention that the knitting community (especially MWK) has lost another member, Bruce a.k.a. Scenter.

I barely new him myself...but the few times we'd interacted, he definitely left his mark...and left me always looking forward to seeing any of the advice he'd given to quanderers.

Bruce (Scenter) will be greatly missed.

linked below is His memorial page on Ravelry:


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sorry to hear - I didn't know him but sounds like he was a wealth of knowledge!

I wish there was a good way for us to honor all those who pass... some sort of memorial wall for knitters or something...

any ideas?



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Sad to hear of his passing. I enjoyed his posts and his Merlin-like picture.

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No wonder he's been so quiet lately. I'd talked here and there with him, and then, all of a sudden no word at all.



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I was just thinking of him the other day :(
Thanks for letting us know.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American