Blacker Wool

Some of you may remember I was extolling the virtues of a wool shop in St Andrew's in Scotland earlier in the year. Well I've just got around to knitting with some of it and it's some of the nicest wool I've knitted with.

Blacker wool specialises in spinning and weaving with rare-breed fleeces. It's great for local farmers whoc are interested in rare breeds because they are exempt from the regulations of the wool board and can sell to who they like.

I bought some Gotland wool which is quite rare. I also bought worsted spun which I think is an untwisted fibre (I'm sure some of you on here know all about it). Anyway, it's light and very soft and very warm and has a slight sheen to it. I can't recommend it highly enough.

I checked out their website yesterday and it's great. They sell lots of natural wool as well as woven products (scarves/throws/cushions) some of which are on sale at the moment and are really reasobnably priced. As is the wool in fact...seems a lot cheaper than what I've bought in the fancy shops.

Check out the website

If they don't post abroad, I can post it on for you people.

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thanks so much for posting about these yarns. the site is lovely and the yarns look delicious!! i'm drolling over the manx right now.

I really like the yarn colors. They would be wonderful to knit with. The browns are my favorites.

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I knat my dog his first sweater out of Gotland wool, and it's still his best-fitting one, though I've had to patch a few holes.

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha

"Hatred does not end by hatred; hatred ends by love. This is the eternal law." - Buddha