One Off The Needles!

After frogging the first clog back to it's origins on Tuesday, I finaly finished it this morning.  I'm going to start the second today and take it with me when I go to California next week.  After all, it's going to end up there anyway. 

There's been some good work being shown by Justin and Ben.  Good going guys!  And JPaul.... I have to, ahemm, ask, is yours getting any bigger yet?

How 'bout the rest of you.  Making progress? Thoughts?  Do you hate me for getting you all into this???


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I'm working on the second sole of the first clog.  I started the second sole yesterday and had 6 extra stitches at the end of row 4.  It was 96 degrees here in Seattle yesterday (keep in mind boys, almost no one has air conditioning here.)  Heat frustration led me to throw it across the room and start all over.

The real question - why was I knitting with wool (Rowan favorite) in 96 degree heat?  Temporary insanity, I guess.

This has been a great project for me for several reasons:

- It gave me an opportunity to "turn" something.  I've started knitting a Christmas stocking (the real reason I started knitting) and have been scared to turn my first heel.

- This project involves a lot more finishing than I've had experience with in the past.  Scary but I'm up for it.

- I'm getting much better at reading a pattern (and particularly, a certain stitch) and knowing in advance what it will look like.

- Finding the "bar" between stitches has always scared me.  The M1 stitch forced me to get more comfortable with it. (this, btw, is the only type of bar that I've had trouble finding!)

Anyway, thanks for proposing this project.  I think we should make this a regular deal.  Let keep our eyes open for another cool project when we visit our LYS.

Happy Knitting!


My pattern arrived yesterday & the yarn store I need is closed today so wil trot along there tomorrow. I'll be a week behind all you guys but I'm now on vacation for 5 weeks! 

Knit away, knit away

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Rick, I totally agree with you.  Even though I have done M1's in the past, I can look, because it's so friggin' large, and actually see an M1 as opposed to a knit stitch.

The finishing portion, if done as the pattern says, 'loose', any and almost all flaws are invisible.  So you have an 'out' there. 

In all Rick... that was one great comment and one big reason why I wanted to do this.  I also agree I would like to make a knit along a semi-regular event.  I know that I went at this very fast and honestly did not give a lot of people time to get the whole thing together, but so far it's been fun.   And I tell you... that moment when they are felted!

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I need to sew the seam on the insole of my 1st clog, then start on the outer sole.  Could someone tell me what an "overcast stitch" is to join the seam?  That was the first time I did a 3-needle bind-off.  Overall, I think this is an awesome pattern and I'm having fun with it!

As for another knit-a-long, here's a suggestion: for those interested in doing seamless sweaters like Jesse's, how about a seamless-sweater-a-long? 

Chris, no one could hate that mug of yours! 

I have trouble with sewing terms too, so I don't know if this is the "right" answer.  However, what I did is fold the sole in half and butt the two edges together, then sew them by pushing the needle up through one side and down through the other, working my way along the length of the seam.  Be careful not to distort the sole by pulling the yarn too tight.  Otherwise, the felting will cover up any irregularities.

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Stuart and Lars, thanks for the help!