You Can't be First, But You Can Be Next!

With all this heat, I was gently reminded of the things to come, autumnal change and the colder times ahead. My fixation with linen moving smartly along, I now must prepare for the winter. Perhaps I cocoon, so to speak?

Tom! Get in here, boy, and let me get you started! Don't bother with the features SHE gave you. Take 'em all off...everything. I have some wicked ideas that will make you look HOT!

Tom, as you may have discerned, is not a tryst, not a summer fling, not a furtive bump in the warm evening. It is my next adoption of one of Jane Ellison's stable of hunky designs for men from Queensland Collection, Book 9.

My plan is thus...first, I tease Tom with a combination of linen and wool...something to spark warmth, yet cool him down if he gets too...moist. Rustic from Cascade, Navy Blue.

To help me turn up the heat, I'm doing it in Flame Ribbing, a sporty stitch I found on page 188 of the temptress Barbara G. Walker's Third Treasury, as memory serves me,

To add spice, a bright red band at the sleeve cap, red trim all around every edge, the bottom of the sleeves and the edge of the hood.

Did I forget to mention the hood? Tom will not know the identity of his...admirer. Makes for more interesting sessions together...don't you agree? I'm also modifying it into a buttoned cardigan, so it can quickly hit the floor if things get...sweaty.

I am also decreasing the stitches at the neck to bring it closer to the shape of the head, giving it a short row peak at the top, seamless construction...steeked at the front to the hood top and the sleeve openings...short rowed sleeve cap...the hood will be grafted together, and the body will go from 40 inches at the waist to 56 inches across the top of the shoulders.

I will do the increases at the steeked edges of the cardigan front to stay in pattern. Flame Ribbing is in repeats of 18 stitches, and my gauge is 4.5 spi on US8's.

The Flame Ribbing has beautiful stretch in it, but not the way ordinary ribbing does. Think of it as lace for thicker yarn, and it's masculine and butch. Right, Tom?

I love it...Tom is wincing...he'll get used to being spread in short order.


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The flame ribbing flaring out from the center line due to the increases will be a great design feature!

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I am really excited about that as well.

At first I was concerned, but I realized that the curves are really only one stitch wide...the illusion is that your mind continues the curved lines because of the internal curves, which compensate for each other in the anchor hems in netting or ruching. Very interesting design possibilities...and linen, and I daresay other bast fibers, do not bias (at least with my knitting) with this ribbing and look quite good.

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I like Tom, I've only completed Carey from the same book (made a few changes myself, but nothing like you have planned for Tom), but my dread of piecing my knitting together has caused Carey to be cast aside for the past few months, hence no pics yet. To avoid the sewing, I've been working on a seamless Aran sweater of my own design (it will be my first time steeking) and have hit a stumbling block with the saddle shoulders. Either way, it's been too hot to even think about wearing either sweater, so they've been put aside for the time being...

The stitch pattern and changes you're going to make sound great, can't wait to see it. The Barbara Walker book is the one book in the series I don't have, so I can't get the visual for now.

Thanks for sharing, and looking forward to seeing Tom before too long.

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Button front? But I always enjoy watching a sweater come over the head and revealing the torso of the fling, tryst, bump in the night, or whatever have you...

Truly, sounds like an amazing project to be delving into. Can't wait to see updates on it.

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bump. hips to the left. one button opens.
bump. hips to the right. and another button comes undone.
bump. hips out front. and another button lets loose.

come ON, buttons fronts can be SO sexy!!!

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Wow!!! Sounds like a really sexy adaptation of a sweater I've never seen. May I use you as a resource if the sweater I'm designing for a friend gets tricky? (Yes, I'm serious.) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Of Course, Joe. I'd be honored.

On the personal side, I'm getting more and more interest in my designs from the "big boys", the muscleheads who can't buy regular clothing. I can see my runway show at Fashion Week now..."Big, Beefy and Bouncy"...LOL

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Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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Sounds VERY interesting. Here's hoping the rest of the audience can hear the commentary for all the "woof'ing. Who knows? We may see your name on a book of designs some day, aimed at the big boys and the knits they can wear. Thank you, by the way, for agreeing to be a resource. It is much appreciated. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.