Fine Art Knitting

I knit both for the craft and the art of it. Most of my projects are practical, beautiful gifts for friends. But I also use knitting as part of my fine art practice. I'm interested in connecting with other guys who do this as well.


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The ignorant one raises his hand, "What's 'fine art practice'?"

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yes, you in the back, the ignorant one.
puh-lease, questions are what makes us smarter!

i'm an artist. so my job is also sometimes called my practice (like a doctor). when i differentiate between knitting a sweater or a scarf and knitting for art, then i call it my fine art practice so people know i'm talking ART.

i've only done a few pieces with knitting or crochet, but the methods are definitely going to stay in my art.

the vague start to an answer?

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Not vague at all... I got it. I may be ignorant, but a fast study.

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I really only knit sweaters and the odd hat, but there is a brilliant piece of knitted art in the Art Gallery of Ontario's contemporary art gallery. Knitted on huge knitted needles by a group of knitters, it is spread out in piles across the floor. It is unfinished. I don't know if they add to it. It might be on line. Also, a friend called David Grenier is a Toronto based artist who used to use knitting in his work. I haven't seen any recently. He may have moved on to other things. I remember some of the pieces were partially unraveled in places. It looked like the work had been pulled apart and the yarn was spilling out in a sort of visceral fashion. It was impressive.
Eli B.

Eli B.

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I've read about and seen images of some of David Grenier's work. I liked it a lot!!

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These days my one constant creative outlet is knitting and crocheting. I am sad to say I have no other real creative process to speak of.

I did look at your site. Very nice work. I got a kick out of your pillows.

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I do have to say that most of the fine gauge lace I make is just for the aesthetic beauty and the challenge.

I don't know that I'd call it art yet since I'm mostly following patterns at the moment, but I just got this spectacular Estonian lace book with stitch patterns that will definitely allow me to play and design some stuff of my own.

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the new one?

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QueerJoe's picture's called something like Haapsalu sall by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edusi...just beautiful.