Michigan Fiber Festival - August 12th... anyone?

Anyone planning on going to the Michigan Fiber Festival in Allegan, MI? It's August 12-16th... Workshops on the first couple of days. Open to everyone else on the 15th and 16th. I'm hoping to go on Saturday (15th) (gotta work on the 16th, but might be able to do lunch or an evening meal - after 7:00 with someone if they're around) ... Would love to meet up with some great MWKers...

(There's a Ravelry meet-up at noon, I think...)


Grace and Peace,


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How was your bike ride across Iowa?

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It went well. I picked up a cold and crashed once but didn't get hurt during the crash and I'm working my way through the cold. (The crash could have been serious, but ended up being very minor.)

I ended up with about 465 miles during the week and managed to fulfill both of my goals, despite not having prepared as much as I wish I had: (1) make it through the week, and (2) not walk up any of the hills!

If you'd like a blow by blow, I tried to put updates on my blog throughout the week at http://tenclay.org/blog/

It's really a great ride, even for those of us who've never been accused of being athletic!

Grace and Peace,

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Aw shucks!! I'm not able to attend this year's event...a road trip maybe just what the fibre enabler will prescribe for 2010.

'Tis good to read that your ride in Iowa went well. Hope you recover from the cold quickly.

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awwwww, I forgot all about the fiber fest :/ This year has been a complete "event" failure for me, missed Ruhr in love by 3 days, they canceled Love Parade, and now I get to miss the fiber fest. Next I plan to miss my own death and funeral.
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