cable help, please.

So I am working on my very first cable project (a scarf). I messed up 2 rows about 4 rows ago.
I'm not 100% sure on the mess up but it looks like I knit/purled a row when I should have purled/knit.
I also have 2 different cable rows and I think I might have done the wrong one.

So, I want to back things out. I am not good at just ripping things out and then getting it back onto the needles. I always seem to drop the stitches and can't find the loops. So when I back out, I do it stitch by stitch.

I know how to back out a standard knit or purl. I can also tell them apart (normally) to be able to back it out the right way. But I have no idea how to back out a cable. I need help. I know it must be getting the stitches back onto the cable needle but I want confirmation on how. And also if you back out a front cable different from a back one?


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When I have had to tink a cable I usually tink to the beginning of the cable, put the appropriate stitches on the cable needle and tink them , leaving the result on the cable needle. Tink the second half of the cable and slide the stitches from the cable needle back onto the main needle.

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What Mario said, this is how I do it too. It's not as hard as it seems at first, it's really just looking at the knitting backwards. Good luck :)

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If you don't want to tink back, but have several rows that you need to do, take a small gage circ or a blunt tapestry with a contrasting yarn and find a row that is perhaps not a cable row. I find it most helpful to insert a lifeline a row or two above where the mistake is and then tink back to the mistake. Just take your circ or needle and thread a lifeline through the row, picking up the front leg of each stitch. Make sure that you get each stitch and once you have them, take out your original needles and rip the project out. It will stop at the lifeline and you can place it back on the needles and tink back to your mistake.

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Sound advice from all. When I have to go back several rows I withdraw the needle and frog to the row before my mistake then I do it one stitch at a time placing the final row of stitches on the needle as I tink them. Just do what works for you.

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ksmarguy's is the safest way if you stress about getting your work back on the needles correctly.

As for tinking back through a cable, if your on a row that the cable actually happens, I tink out those cabled stitches, rearrange the stitches to how they would have sat before the cable,a nd slide them back on your needle. Confusing enough?

In other words, let's say I have a cable that is two stitches placed on a cable needle, held ot the front, knit the two next stitches and then the two on the cable needle. So you have two cables stitches laying to the left... As I tink out, I pull out all four cabled stitches, the two in fron, and the two in back. I relay them flat how they would have been before the cable occured, then re-insert my left needle into them. This now gives you your cabled stitch, precabled. So you can now rework them the correct way with the cable needle.

As for your last question, no, it doesn't matter. If you work through each cable seperately, you can un-work or tink through in the same manner.

Good luck, and I'm sorry you have to rip back.