Felting Clogs

Hi Guys,

As my pattern for clogs arrived last week am about to begin. However, in Australia the wool required is hard to come by, I think the climate is too warm for such a thick yarn but I managed to get a small amount from a reasonably large fabric & yarn store here in Newcastle. Just one small snag, it is labled 'machine washable'. Anyone have any thoughts on this?? Will it still felt or will the process take a little longer??  Thanks guys.

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Machine washable won't felt.  That wool is treated so that it will not shrink when you wash it in your washing machine, which what what felting is.  So that particular yarn is not a usable optoin.

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Yarnguy is correct..  man made yarn will not shrink... EVER!  It's hard to believe that worsted weight wool is hard to come by in Aussie Land.  We eat your lamb legs here all the time! And delicious they are.   Return it.

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I'll 3rd that one!  and chris is onto something, i think Gyro's are a good dinner substitution especially since there are good ones near my LYS!  there is lamb in that isn't there?

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Yes, machine washable is not worth all the effort you will expend trying to felt it.  Just won't do it!!

Get plain ordinary untreated wool.  Sometimes dyed works slightly better, since the oils will have been removed, but that is a small thing.  Not all wool likes to felt, so it's best to make a sample, and throw it in the wash, and see what happens.   The finer grades usually felt better, but you never really know until you try it.

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Hi All, Thanks for your replies. I knitted up a swatch last night and I feel the yarn I am using is too thick, had about 13 sts in 4ins, so I will experiment today with a slightly smaller yarn that I know is NOT machine washable.