I need help, please!

So, I've decided to make a beret/ tam type of hat, and I'm using an easy lace pattern that doesn't seem to be hard. It's...
R1: k2tog, k1, yo* rep to end
R2: k
The problem that i have is that I'm not sure how to decrease and keep the yarn over/ lace look to it. Oh, and I have 80 sts... Any ideas? They would be greatly appreciated. =]


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Not really sure what the overall affect is that you're trying to obtain, but I do see a potential problem with the pattern repeat and the number of stitches in the round. Your repeat is a three stitch repeat, and that will not go evenly into 80 stitches.

Maybe you'll get more of a lace effect if you did a repeat that was mirrored, such as k2tog, yo, k1, yo, ssk, then instead of a plain round of knit for R2, you could do k2,yo,k2. This would definitely incororpate more yarn overs, giving your overall pattern an open, lacey appearance. Also the yarnovers would be arranged such that they would have more of a definite pattern instead of linear eyelets every other round.

Just my two cents. Good luck on your project.

e.t.a. I got to thinking about R2 of my instructions, and they will not work because you'll end up increasing to 100 stitches in your round due to my omission of a corresponding decrease for the yarn over. So you'll have to either go with the solid knit round for R2, as so wisely instructed by jessemkhan, or you'll have to determine some other sort of pattern for R2. I don't readily know of anything that would work with a five stitch repeat.

You should have just 78 stitches and if you do exactly as it says in the instructions you will get a lace effect. Just give it a try and you will see that it works.

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For the decreases, at the top of the hat could you turn some of the k2togs into k3togs?


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i like jwhassjr's suggestion, but would offer up perhaps keeping the plan round of knit for R2 just so things don't get too busy. it'll still be nice and open, but will also maintain a little more structure.

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Thanks for the ideas. I'm definitely going to try it out. I also considered just using another pattern; but I really liked this one. I'll keep you'se posted.

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You need 81 stitches for the 3 rep pattern, I will advise you to look at a lot of tam/beret patterns for ideas. Whenever I am doing a project I know little about I look for lots of patterns and read how they are made , this gives me ideas about how to work my pattern.

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I would consider something such as Thomabulous. Up your increases a bit, which should break-up the linearity of the lace pattern, but keep it consistent from one round to the next. So instead of *K2tog, K1, YO* you would sinply have *K3tog, YO* pulling that knit stitch into a K3tog... But instead of K#tog, that is going to pull the stitches all right, I would actually take the three stitches you want together and slip the first, K 2 together, and slip the first stitch back over the top of the other two and of the tip of your right needle. That way you have one stitch coming right, and one stitch coming left, over the top of you one remaining stitch. I would also play with how often to throw in this decrease too, to get the effect you want. But a beret or tam, you want a fairly quick decrease, so probably pretty regularly...

Also, if your using a natural fiber, keep in mind you can block it nicely with a round piece of cardboard, or even a plate to help flatten the crown.

Good luck, and I hope it's a fun and succesful challenge!