Scrap Top Down Raglan

After finishing my pinwheel blanket, I had (have) so much yarn left over in this color family that was already hacked and used that I can't do much else with it but freeform or random striped knitting. Also, because I only had to finish up the blanket to get the rush of a FO I still have some random striping steam left in me... that's what caused me to dig up my handy dandy top down raglan pattern (#991 by Diane Soucy) and started knitting.

I began on Friday night after work, and knitted all weekend - I knit in the morning early.... then we went with some friends out for errands - I knit at the car dealership in the waiting room (free cookies, pastries, water, juice, soda!) ... then we went to Farrell's ice cream parlor, and watched our friend's kids play video games... while they played, I knit... carrying around my sweater in a messenger bag... they did bumper boats... I watched and knit.... they did go karts, I knit some more... it worked out perfectly because I was able to keep another friend company so she wasn't the only spectator!

We ate amazing food... I knit... we came home for a while and while everyone did their thing... playing with animals, playing on the computer, etc., I knit... and when we went out for dinner that night, I knit again. I asked everyone if they were OK with my knitting and they all said it was OK - that it was almost expected of me...

After dinner, we went to Target for a few last minute things, and I even knit walking through Target... this was all excessive even in my opinion, but after a day of knitting Saturday, and most of Sunday, I'm about 1/2 way done with the body of my raglan sweater!

What I haven't decided yet is this - should the sleeves match each other? I was first thinking of making them both totally random - then I thought maybe they should be different from the body of the sweater (same general yarns, etc.) but not the same color order/yarn type, etc. OR should I just knit sleeve #1 and use those same yarns (and striping but maybe a different order) for sleeve #2? I need input!

here's a photo of how it looked as of Sunday afternoon...

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You had me totally impressed untill you mentioned shopping at Targets!!!

As for the sleeves, I think you should try to make them uniform in look, I mean the stripes are allready pretty 'busy' and I would hate for you to finish a sweater and end up thinking it just looks like a yarn stash exploded.

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I think I agree with Jonathon here, Kyle. First, let me tell you that what you have so far looks really great! I think it can be really difficult to have this project come out successful and not look like a homeless, yarn-addict schizo! I always try to achieve the homeless, but stylish, yarn-addict look myself! Seriously, I think you've achieved what you're after so far and have made it look rather androgynous despite the use of novelty yarns in your palette. From what I've seen of your stuff, you have a great artistic eye and I'm sure that whatever you create will be they envy of most of us. Coming from a strong background in design myself, I would probably keep the sleeves exactly the same (stripe pattern, colors, yarn's used, etc.) You have the stockinette and stripes to add cohesiveness to the overall project, but you may need just a bit more grounding due to the fact that the use of your individual yarns are so diverse and the striping pattern is organic enough that it will go a long way. I'd probably also recommend that you keep more of the brighter colors up towards your face, use the eyelash yarn sparingly and I would finish off the bottom and sleeves with a simple roll of stockinette or turned under seam with a flat wool in a contrasting color for about an 1 1/2- 2" as opposed to ribbing let's say. I can't wait to see the finished project!!! It's going to be quite smart I presume! Good luck!


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it looks great! I can't wait to see it finished!
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i'm with the boys on this one: make the sleeves match, at least mostly. perhaps there could be one biceps area band on each arm that's different, but i think there's enough a-happenin' here that there doesn't need to be highly varied arm action. and you could knit the two sleeves at the same time to help keep the uniformity.

not sure i would do the rolled bottom. it depends a lot on the shaping of the waist. if this is already a really boxy pattern, i'd suggest a rib, just to let the sweater hug the waist a little rather than a-line out.

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these are all good pointers... I plan to do ribbing at the bottom of the sweater and at the sleeves in the same dark brown as I started with - and I think you're right - the same pattern on the sleeves (different from the body) and in the colors on the sleeves should be the same.... brighter colors for the most part up around the chest...

fingers crossed it doesn't look too crazy when it's done... I laughed out loud when I heard that it looks like a yarn stash exploded! worst case, I give it to a friend... women will wear anything!! haha




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I would make the sleeves match, too. Have done a sweater like this and actually measured the yarn so that the second sleeve would match the first. Now I think I would just buy another short circular and do both at the same time. The colours you have in your stash are wonderful. The sweater so far is beautiful.

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I totally trust your judgement. You're an amazing yarn artist. (I actually think I'd vote for each sleeve being different and different from the body - that's the beauty of hand created art - totally unique!) But I know you'll make the right decision.

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Agree on matching sleeves - as much as possible. Great looking so far and I like the trim being one solid brown as it helps tie everything together. Looking forward to updates. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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partly matching sleeves....main areas matched to sweater...and variable stripes...
Love what you've done with the novelty yarns!

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Looks great, I'm with most of the guys and I'd make the sleeves have some matching stripes. I would never have looked at the yarn individually and been able to see it come together like it has.

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I can't wait to see the finished sweater. I find it very interesting. I would rather have the sleeves match each other for a more intentional appearance to the finished sweater.