To All You Heels Out There

In Bens' post on the progress of his clogs he brought up an interesting subject concerning the weak stitch at the heel where it is intitially joined in the round.  I too have had that problem and have always tightened it up a bit at the end and all has been well and good. 

However, and I don't remember where I read this, whenever I do a piece in the round someone suggested casting on an extra stitch and ktog when making the join and it has always worked for me in the past.  Obviously you can't do that at that point in the clog.  So this morning when I got to the join I ktog and immediately did a M1 to recover the stitch.  I may hopeful but it seems to be a firmer join.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!


I joined the work by slipping the stitch from the left needle to the right and slipping the stitch from the right needle to the left, crossing the stitches and joining the work.

Hope that made sense...kinda confusing description.


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I read that same suggestion in a piece about sock knitting. I use it for almost anything I knit in the round now: socks, hats, sweaters in the round and so forth.  It does give you a nice clean join.

Back in February, when the Knitting Guild held a Socks On Circulars workshop, the instructor gave a different suggestion.  You slip the first stitch to the right side needle, pass the last stitch over it and slip that last stitch to your left side needle. So when you start that round you are knitting the last stitch cast on first. It is one of those things that makes more sense when you see it.

You idea makes sense Chris, so it should work.  I may try it myself on the 2nd clog. I finished the outer sole last night. Just have  to weave up the seam and clean up the loose ends.

since you're all about ready to felt, i had a friend tell me to try felting them without weaving in the ends then just cut them off with scissors when they dried.  it worked great and saved a lot of time on a 3 color multi striped pair.  didnt make much difference in apperence either.


You're right on the money. I think the simple solution *is* to cast on that extra stitch when you do your initial CO.  Then, go ahead and and slip the last knitted stitch on your right needle over to your needle you want to join and knit those two together.  If you didn't want to cast on that extra stitch, you *could* knit into the front and back of that last stitch then slip the made stitch over to the next needle and k2tog.

 Luke's solution is nothing short of ingenious!  I have 1/2 of what's left of my brain going: "That is knitting Heresy! You CAN'T do THAT!!!  It's Illegal!  Why, that's going to leave an ugly bliggle (highly technical knitting term) in the garment." 

Then, the other half kicks in and says, "Get a grip!  Who the hell is gonna know except you?  Take 3 cleansing breaths and get OVER yer ugly self!"

I, for one who has a not-so-subtle Anarchy gene, plan on trying this on my next pair of socks.  Just because I *have* to.  And there you are!

~Mike in (Soggy and humid) Tampa, Flahridah 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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Guys, thanks for the tips!  I've noticed that weak spot also and I had no idea something could be done about it.

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I knit into the front an back of the last stitch, slid the new stitch over, and k2 tog.


then pulled it tight while weaving in the yarn.


i wonder if it would be tighter if you knit the back then the front, crossing the increase and then slid last stitch over and knit two together?

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