Handspun Adventure Sweater

I finished this sweater on thursday. I knit it from a raw cheviot fleece that I spun up into a bulky two-ply yarn. From fleece to finish was about three weeks work. My original intention was to keep it in the natural sheep's white. After binding off, I cleaned out (I thought) a kettle that I use for dying and put my white sweater in to soak overnight. I found to my dismay that it had aquired a few blue spots in the soaking, leaving me no choice but to dye the sweater in the same Jacquard's acid dye. Though I did my best to get the dye to take evenly, it came out somewhat splotchy, though in an appealing old-denim kind of way. Since I intend this sweater to be worn under my coat next winter when snowblowing, I really don't mind the unevenness.

This sweater was knit entirely in the round, steeked at the arm and neck holes, and done with the same in-the-round square armholes I posted about previously, thus eliminating the drop shoulders and aquiring a better fit. See attached pictures.

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I like the splotchiness of this Albert and it's a good looking sweater. What's snow blowing (she says with tongue in cheek),

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The snow in Maine stays far away from Spain.

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it's a wonderful, wonderful sweater!! i LOVE the variations in the color. and the edging is lovely. i aim to knit so beautifully.

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Thank you. Don't aim, just knit!

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Albert! It looks like it was knitted on machine! Your stitches are so even and beautifully executed. In my favorite color! Outstanding! And so un-seamly...you sly Boots!

When I lived in upstate New York, the mayor said this about snow, "God put it there, and God will take it away." Maine must be the Devil's Playground.

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"sly Boots"- I'd blush if I could remember how.

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Albert, the sweater is beautiful. I love the modified drop shoulder that you invented. It fits you well. Isn't it funny how a mistake with the dye pot produced something so gorgeous. Way to go.

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I love the sweater and the dye job. The striping looks planned. Also thanks for the reminder about your invented drop shoulders. I am too late to implement it on my current project, but will look at it for my next. And to finish this in 3 weeks when you aren't snowbound! That's impressive.

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I agree Albert! The sweater looks great and I very much like the tonal variations of the blue. I think it looks really cool! Congratulations!!

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Your sweater looks great, I'm interested in the ribbing you used. How is it done?

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The ribbing is simply purl two rows, knit two rows, purl two rows, knit two rows, purl two rows. On the cuffs and neck band, the last purl row is followed by a purled bind off.

Looks so soft. To be honest, I would have never known about the yarn. I would have thought it was an intentional dye job. I looks very good! I like the color variation...and the ribbing.

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Way to be flexible! Congrats on a job well done!

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Albert...what a great job. I really like the color and the ribbing on the neck and cuffs. I am going to have to use that on my next sweater. Also like the shoulder and sleeve seams. It is a color accident that turned out beautifully. Love it.

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Excellent job!

It actually looks good and comfortable on you.

I'm sure it'll be nice and warm -- it's Maine, after all, Winter is only a couple of weeks away.



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Very nice, Albert. That dyepot mistake turned out to be a great design enhancer. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.