Clogs and questions...

Well got both of my clogs knitted up. The first is complete and the second has almost all the ends woven in. The second one went sooooo much better than the first. No short row and miscounting fiascoes that I could find. (Note: The left one in the pic is the 2nd clog knitted. The right one is the 1st.) Up to this point I haven't seen any pictures of the soles and the seaming there so I posted a pic of one. The pattern says to seam them loosely so I hope I did that right and they don't bunch up. If so, mom will just have to walk to imperfections out.

Now for the questions portion of this pageant...

1. Let's say you're knitting these for someone else and you know what their shoe size is. How do you actually know what size they should be felted to? If they were mine I'd just try the damn things on to check, but is there some trick to it that I don't know about if you don't have the "Cinderella" foot to shove in there to see if it's the right size? Is there some measurement that you can use? I mean, is a women's size 10 mean that it's 10" long?

2. Does it matter if you felt both of them together or separately? If you do them at the same time, I assume there's no chance that they'll get felted together, right?

3. What kind of soap do you add to the wash when you felt them? Something mild, I know... but is it safe to use a little laundry detergent or do I need to get some J&J baby shampoo? I doubt I'm going to splurge for something fancy like wool wash.

4. Once the felting is done and you've got them to the size you want, do your rinse them in cold water to get out the little soap in there or just let em dry as-is?

Sorry for what may be silly questions, guys. I just don't want to screw these things up at the last step. I don't think "Yeah mom... they're felted ash trays!" will fly.

Danke for the help, the enouragement and for the incentive to knit these things in the first place! It's been fun. 

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Hey Gryph,

First let me say,  good looking clogs there Mister!  Your mom's going to love them.

I understand your dilema over the size issue.  Especially if you are giving them as a gift.  The most efficient way for me to size them is to actually measure the length of the persons foot and then add about a half inch.  They will stretch if a bit too snug.  However this doesn't help if you are trying to surprise someone with a pair.  In that instance go to shoe size and err on the larger as they can always be re-felted to fit.

You can felt them both at the same time but I prefer to do one at a time so that I can monitor the progress more closely.  A bit of laundry soap will not hurt at all.  Finally you are gonna take them out and rinse in COLD water thouroughly.  Then gently squeeze out the excess water roll in a towel, press out as much water as you can then shape and let dry.  I put mine on a cake rack on the patio out of the sun.  It WILL take two to three days for that sole to become completely dry.

 AND THERE ARE NO SILLY QUESTIONS!  Really good work Gryph!

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Post script:

Gryph, it occurred to me that when I wrote, 'measure the persons foot and add a half inch', that I neglected to say that would be the length for the UPPER if you did it by the length of the sole, ooohh baby, there would be no turning back then!

"If a man has cream at home in the refrigerator he won't go out looking for 2% butterfat"
............Erma Bombeck

Chris nailed that one!  solid advice.  Great looking clogs and the sole seaming looks fine!

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The clogs look fantastic!  Can't wait to see them felted.  I really like your color combination, too.

Hey there,

Most of your questions have been answered but let me echo..."great looking clogs." As for the sizing for gifts, on person (I forget who) recommended giving the clogs unfelted with felting directions included.  Kinda gets them in on the process. 

Also, when drying my clogs, I crammed plastic grocery bags inside to help with the shaping.  After the uppers had dried a bit, I removed the bags.  The bags will hold moisture so don't let them in stay in any longer than necessary.

Hope these tips help.


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WOW, Kenny . . GREAT WORK!  And, by a new knitter!!!  Your Mom will be proud of you, and you should be very proud of yourself.

 Not only do you do great work, but are wonderful at giving detailed instructions to help others . . i.e. me!!  Thanks for you help.  Now I can see why you understood the instructions so well.

I can't wait to see them felted.