What's Good Is Good!

I met Mathew Gnagi, a young designer in New York several weeks ago at Annie And Company in NYC. We were talking last weekend and he showed me a recent design of his. I bought the design then and there. Called Carlito Cardigan, it's magnificent.

This weekend, I bought Malabrigo worsted in dark green to make the cardigan. I am not usually a fan of cables. I can't wait to finish it. Another customer at the shop at the same time made the same decision. SHE is making it for herself in pink. This is one knitalong I am doing at 100 miles an hour.

Check it out. Yes, the pattern is on Ravelry.

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Great design - but I'm thinking I'd have to turn it into a crew neck.

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Holy Crap. That is some good sweater porn.


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love it,

all i know of love, is love is all there is

we put birds on things

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That's a pretty sweet sweater! And a pretty HOT model!!!

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Hmmmmmm knitting porn. Just what I needed!

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love the apollo's belt ribbing. very attractive on him.

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Wow, man. It is absolutely gorgeous. I'm adding it to my Ravelry to-do list presently.

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YOWZA!!! --- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I downloaded it...may have to do a variation because it's too fitted for me...but what a handsome design!!!

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Totally Hot!!! Bothe the sweaater and the model. I would love a sweater like that but I have a fear of sweaters, to bad.

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I LOVE this sweater!!! Thanks for bringing it to our attention NY!

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Wow that's a REALLY nice sweater. It's gorgeous; in a very manly way. Can't wait to see how yours comes out.

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popping this back up into the recent posts.

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Fer sure that's going in my "to-do" list, even tho I can't wear sweaters (I overheat waaaaay too easily). And I'll have to "unfit" the bottom to accommodate my more ample torso. But it looks like it'd be a fun knit and even if it didn't fit me perfectly (nothing ever does, even ready-mades in a store), it would fit someone I know, I'm sure.