Frustrated Norfolk knitter!!!

After all the  posotive comments and kind words of encouragement I recieved in my last post I was feeling all warm and fuzzy inside so decided to crack on with the circular knitting project.

While thinking of designs for my sweater and after knitting a few inches, I thought I would take a step back and have a look at what I had done so far. I'm sure you can appreciate my frustration when I realised that I had got the stitches twisted yet again and was now knitting an impossible sweater!

So out it all comes again for the second time! Oh well, that'll teach me for not paying attention. Im sure it wont be the last time I rip it but I'm determine not to let these circular needles beat me! 



There IS another way for you join your work without making yourself nuts (-er in my case) by twisting your stitches..  Just knit 2 or 3 rows without joining THEN join the 4th row together.  There will be NO WAY you can twist your stitches.  Then, when yer all done and proud, just sew the 2-3 rows up and weave in the end.  How easy is THAT???

 Hope this helps.  Knitting is supposed to be fun, damn it!!!Tongue out

~Mike in Tampa (where we're going to get clobbered again today with brutal storms.)

 ~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

Hey Norfolk,

Sorry you are having trouble with the circs.  Some things that you've probably already figured out...

Make sure the cable is behind the needles, away from you.  The needles should face you with the working yarn on the left needle when you begin a row.

The work should progress clockwise, right to left as you look at the needles.  I found that orientation could be confusing when I first started using circs.

Hope this helps.


Did you Boil your cable on your circs before you started knitting?

You really need to.  The plastic cable needs to be heated so that you can straighten out the cable.  Get a pot of water on and bring it up to a simmer.  Put just the cable into the water for about 45 seconds.  Holding the two needles in both hands, pull the cable out of the water and pull the cable straight under tension until it cools - about another 45 seconds - one minute.  You can also take it to the sink and run it under the cold tap to "set" the cable up.

Circs that are new are horrible until they "relax" so I just routinely boil them before I even start to knit with them.

Hope this Helps!

~Mike in Tampa

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

Thanks guys  for the advice. Have had the needles in the hot water and this seems to have straightend to chord out a lot so knitting has become less confusing, also knitted 2 rows without joining and all seems to be going well at the moment. thanks again guys, will keep you posted Smile

Woo Hoo ! ! !  Carry on, Big Guy!

Hogs & Quiches,

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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Another quick fix for the curly cable is to run the cable along the back of the knee, with your leg bent and let friction warm the cable.  Then hold the needle so the cable is straight while it cools. 

You want to be wearing long pants when you do this, unless friction burns are your thing.  It's not a long tern solution, but it helps them out before you start knitting.

I also agree that once you get used to using circs, you will use your straight needles less and less.  About the only time I uses the strights now is too cast on, because I always cast on to 2 needles at once.