Just got back from "Julie and Julia". I don't care if you only eat McDonalds or hate Meryl Streep or what ever would keep you from seeing this movie; RUN don't walk, don't pass GO, don't stop to collect $200, get to this movie. I'm not a huge MS fan but I swear Julia came up out of her grave, dusted herself off, went back in time and played herself in this movie!!!! Flawless. And what can I say about Stanley Tuchi? I've always thought he had a kind of hot dad next door quality to him but OMG soooooo hot with his little mustache and glasses and the chemistry was intense. If this does not sweep the awards next year it's only because it came out waaaaay too early, this should have waited for Christmas. I think the only thing that would have made this movie better or Mr. Tucci hotter was if he was knitting lol. See there is knitting content in here so not that far OT.


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an excellent movie. don't go hungry!

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I read that Norah Ephron was at last summer's Shakespeare at Central Park in NYC, ran into Ms. Streep there, and responded to Ms. Streep's query, "So, Norah, what are you working on?", with "A piece on Julia Child".

Ms. Streep than proceeded to walk, talk, expound and breathe heavily...in essence, BECOME Julia Child in 1 microsecond, remaining that way for several minutes.

Ms. Ephron relaxed, knowing she had found her Julia. Go see it.

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What a great movie. But the movie was much more than about food. For me, it was about stimulating ones creativity, pushing oneself through the difficult and insecure times, not giving up when the forces seem to be against you and celebrating and sharing that what you create. I guess that's the stuff of art, the stuff of life.

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It was wonderful...every emotion you can think of was expressed.

I said to the almond tree, "Sister, speak to me of God", and the tree blossomed.

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Oh, and I forgot my all time new favorite movie quote. Can't you really imagine Julia saying it in her oh so proper tone...It's hotter than a hard cock.

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With or without au jus? I may be wrong, but I believe I heard, "It's hotter than a stiff cock." But I and the whole audience were in stunned shock.

Every person I encounter teaches me more about myself. Without whom not.

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I've always loved Julia Child ever since I first saw whichever one of her gazillion show series on PBS back in the late 70s/early 80s, sometime 'round there.

...and I've always loved Merryl Streep.

When you can have a woman just completely flatten a soufflé on camera and refuse a re-take...and THEN just flop it into the trashcan and mutter something like "Oh, well, I guess THAT didn't turn out, did it..."

The very first recipe that I encountered of hers was when I turned on the television and saw her for the very first time making her curry crescents...and demanded to my grandmother ten minutes later (after watching the segment, of course) to get the ingredients so I could make Julia Child's curry crescents. She refused and I, crushed, made my way back to my room and simply dreamed while watching her show.

I'm intending on watching it. Saw the previews when we went to see Harry Potter.


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What can I say....... you said it all and I agree with everything, if anything comes of this it will stop people thinking less of Ms Streep and begin appreciating this lady's talent. I don't buy DVD's of films but this one is going to be a purchase I will cherish for a very very long time. How many "stars" well as many as the screen will hold. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just got back from watching - it was soooooo great!!! I loved it. Makes me want to get "Knitting Without Tears" by EZ and knitting through it. Seriously - I would recommend this movie highly.


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I loved the film, the book was also great; not as much about Julia, but more about Julie's trials cooking all the recipes, which the movie skipped much of. If you love food, read the book. The descriptions of some of the dishes will make you really hungry.

I am going to add the cookbook to my library and can't wait to make the boneless duck en croute.

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For anyone interested, here's the link to original blog (circa 2002) that started it all.


It's a blast!