Cushion for my bed -oops I mean sofa :-)

Saturday August 22, 2009
My living room looks like the ER of an army medical supply tent circa 1963. - There are torn strips of cotton strewn about in piles. The dog is thrilled and testing the comfort of each little white mound.
I bought some cotton sheets at Ikea and washed out that new chemical sheen they all have, then pressed them. I've cut little indents every 1 1/2" and tore the sheets on the length. Then made little slits at each end to slot the lengths together while making the gigantic cotton balls resemble a ball of yarn.
- So the idea is to make a very textural surface for a couple of decorative cushions for my bed. How appropriate RIGHT? Sheets = bedding = soft = ? We'll see.

Well it's done - that was fun.
After seeing the actual knit I decided it would be better suited as a cushion cover on my sofa down south. A huge white cotton U-shaped sectional sofa with tons of soft feather cushions. This one will be perfect for a cuddle at the end of a beach day.
Used #19 (or was it 17) needles and tried different stitches for effect but ended up with stocking stitch for softness and the visual texture of the sheet strips.
The cushion I bought is 20" x 20" and is already down south so the pics here (in Montreal) are with a 16 x 20 insert but you get the idea.

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TomH's picture

Love the idea. What size of needles will you use?

Bill's picture

years ago I knitted a sweater from bias cut muslin.
...bought it pre-cut from Straw into Gold...
it got a bit dirty while I was knitting I washed it in the washing machine before sewing the pieces together...
the whole thing disintegrated during the spin cycle...
so...even though you're using straight grain strips...wash it gently...LOL

RickeScott's picture

I like your idea too. Years ago, Mom knitted a small rug from strips of old t-shirts. She first dyed the shirts shades of blue and purple. I remember it very well. She used large wooded knitting needles. Be sure to show your your progress!

crmartin's picture

I used to crochet "rag" rugs from strips of fabric. Awesome idea, can't wait to see them.



bobshome's picture

Yeah - guys, that's was (sort of) inspiration. I remember the rag rugs from long ago and while I'm not a fan of that rustic look I am a fan of the uneven texture they acheived. So I suppose if the knitting is all off white and if I choose the right stitch I can get some kind of TODAY's version of that idea.
I'll be buying some #19 needles today and we'll see what that gives me, otherwise I'll just have to buy baseball bats and sharpen the tips!!
UURGG! of course I still have to pull together my summer sweater that I just finished. Pics to follow - it's great.

TomH's picture

I bought some gigantic plastic needles at one of the chain craft stores. I think they're #25's but haven't used them yet. I'll be watching your progress on this project. I might find it to be the perfect project for my 25's.

bobshome's picture

Well I just got # 19 needles, I can't imagine 25's. So I'm doing a few swatches for gage and pattern right now.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture

I remember my Mom working with balls of rag strips to make rugs...crochet and braided. Crochet was much faster, naturally. I still recall her description of watching a lady knit a rag rug, all excited about how the woman moved her hands and wondering if she could learn how to knit them herself. Sadly, she never got the chance. I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

mrossnyc's picture

Sounds interesting, can't wait to see the pics.

RickeScott's picture

They look great! Now they remınd me of rugs my gran made out of strıps of old clothıng. They were braıded but the result looks sımılar.