Adding to our stash....

Man, am I gonna get in trouble.
A few years ago one of the craft catalogs (maybe Mary Maxim? dunno) had a yarn that had always intrigued me- it was one long colorway from beginning to end- like say a long slow fade from grey to white, or blue to black. The idea was that you could do a sweater, say, and have the effect of it being dip dyed...
Does anyone remember it, or what it was called, or have any idea where I could put my hands on it?


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when you find it, PLEASE share. i LOVE that look.

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Sounds awesome! Hopefully, someone will know about this.

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as far as I can tell it was called "single gradient dyed" and I can't find anyone carrying something like that.

On the other hand, I could see some of the Jojoland lacewieght being carried with a heavier yarn in a coordinating colour in getting almost the same effect.

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My family had a couple of yarn shops when I was a kid, and we used to carry it, but, I can't remember, for the life of me, the name of it.

I remember distinctly my grandmother and aunt rolling balls (...of yarn, stop now) and commenting on how you couldn't even see the colour change.

Now y'making me think.


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Has anyone posed this question on Ravelry? I just asked over at

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Bradley posted it in a yarn forum, we've come close, but still haven't found the right one...

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Hmm, it gives me an idea of how I might dye some of my own.

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you could ombre dye one of those pre-knitted the ones Knitpicks sells...

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from the dyeing sites I've looked at this is the easiest way to get that result "home dyed" - machine knit the amount of yarn you want and then fade the colour along the length of the knit fabric

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I've been thinking about it...and one might also wrap the yarn around a pvc pole...and ombre dye it...
whatever way...a continuous gradient is not easy...but the knitting process helps to distribute the uneveness of colour..

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Hi. I was speaking with a knitting friend this morning and she mentioned an incredible yarn that had gradation like you describe. She sent me the link, which I would like to share with you. It is:
As you can see when you select colors from the main menu, there may be something that appeals to you. Otherwise, The Unique Sheep will make custom ordered for you in the color of your choice. What you are seeking (a slow gradation through an entire color's spectrum) would be quite easy for them, I would think.
Good luck, and Congrads to you and Bo Bradley!


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yeehaw! This site was down (I mean really down - with things like "Not accepting orders at this time - notices, etc) ) the other day when I found it so I didn't mention it

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and they say:
For yarns or amounts NOT listed above, please email us at Gradiance colorways are available on ALL of our yarns in whatever amount you need, we only list the most popular options.

and also: Have something different in mind? Try designing your own yarn! Choose the base yarn and the colors, decide how many skeins you want, and let me take care of the rest

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