I need your help, yet again!

Hello to all at MWK. I am having trouble trying to locate a stockist of US yarn that ships to the UK. The yarns I'm trying to locate is Karabella Yarns numbers 139 and 16. I am wanting to make the sleeveless hoodie from The Knitting Man(ual). There don't appear to be any stockists here in London or they are unable to get hold of it.... So I am therefore asking the worldwide MWK community if they know of any stockists that may be able to help. Thanks... James


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I'd try School Products in New York www.schoolproducts.com. Karabella yarns is owned by Berta's son Arthur, and is right next door.

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If Arthur can't send or has no rep in England, but he has the product you want, PM me. I do a lot of work near School Products and can get it your way.

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I don't know if you've tried ravely yet, but that's also an avenue you may wish to check.