Popping in to say hello!

Well things have been going well here in Germany, other than the fact that there is a problem with my visa and it's looking like I'm going to have to go back to the states for 3 months :( Not a big deal but more expense than I really wanted to put out.

Been knitting, I'll have to get some more pictures, but thanks to some help here and to Bryan, my ex roommate who happened to save some of my knitting patterns from the trash man. I'm working now on the sweater again YAY!

But I thought I'd show the hat I made for Mr. size 15 (aka Ruben) of course that's his smiling face below the hat.
Love you guys!


Asplund's picture

Nice hat - no wonder he's smiling! Hope your visa problems get sorted out as soon as possible.


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The one thing we can always seem to depend on is at least one complication:) Hope you get all that fixed up without any more snags. Keep on knitting!

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A great hat. Sorry to hear about about your your visa problems. I guess that is when the expression "S**T HAPPENS" sort of applies. Good luck and I am sure things will be resolved soon. Why don't you dazzle us with some of the German you have learned??