All done!

Here's the sweater that I started earlier this summer.  It's made from undyed wool from a friend's sheep in a basket weave pattern on circular needles.  It's for the Best Beloved; I'm currently working on one in hand dyed, hand spun yarn for me.  It's been a while since I've actually FINISHED something, so I'm really quite pleased!  Most of this was worked watching reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation - in case that's helpful information!!!

Finished sweater
Basketweave pattern, worsted weight yarn, size 10 circular needles


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Well done. A great pattern and color. Keep up the good work

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A beautiful sweater.  I am a terrible purler so I really appreciate seeing patterns such as this.  Congratulations.

Really nic e work

Very nice! It looks like it'd be very warm.

So beautiful it makes me want to move back up North so that I could wear one of these.  Ok, . . . . ALMOST makes me want to move back . . . not quiteFoot in mouth

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

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Beautiful work and colour!  I know how much work a basketweave pattern is so I appreciate all the work in this jumper.  Didn't you tell me earlier that you did this in the round and seamless? 

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone!  Yes, this is seamless, knit from the bottom up, then the sleeves are knit from the shoulders down.  I did join the shoulders at the top with a knit seam instead of weaving them together using the Kitchener stitch (?) as I usually do, so there are seams there.

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