Men Who Knit Video MFKR09

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It looks like a youguys had a great time at men knitting retreat!!! I can recongnized Joe, kenny, Step, Mike and other knitting blogger. Good to everybody in the video!


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Thanks for thinking of us! It makes being stuck in Jersey a little easier.

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Love the video... a bit saddened that all of YouTube's "suggested" videos have a very different MFKR in mind.... (I think we need more KNITTING MFKR videos posted!)

Grace and Peace,

Thank you Andy. It would be worth it to see you there!

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Thank you SO much, Andy!!!

It's awesome to see everyone.

Wish I was there. Maybe next year...


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It didn't take you long to post the video, Andy. Thanks. It was a great retreat. Until next year....

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Looks like fun! I must get to one of these soon. Maybe the spring!

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Totally great to experience at least that much of the retreat! Thanks Andy!! I actually went to a wedding at that retreat center back in 1998! Stayed there for about 3 days. It was beautiful.


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Anybody wanna pay for my flight to get there next time around?? :-) ;-) :-)


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Thanks for this, Andy. Loved being able to see a bunch of the guys. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thank You so Much for the Video! It was so nice to see all who went this year and see the area. I have got to get to one of these retreats sometime!