And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Just for giggles and grins I thought I'd send a email to Fiber Trends - the creator of the Felted Clog pattern that we're working on.  Here's their response:

Hi Warren [note from Rick - did she think I was channeling another group member that we all know and love?]
Thanks for sending the info on your groups clog-along. I have just enjoyed a few minutes of browsing the website.

Can understand the over 50 eye problem having a couple of them myself. [note from Rick - I made a comment about the dark colored paper that the patterns are printed on]  I hope you will check out the new Fiber Trends pattern format being introduced this fall. Large full color cover with photo and expanded test area inside all in black and white!

Best Regards,
Bev Galeskas
Fiber Trends, Inc.
Fiber Trends Hand Knit Designs
US Distributor of Naturally NZ Yarns


Hey Rick, that's pretty cool that you sent the email and that you got a reply. And I especially liked that you mentioned the dark colored paper used in printing the patterns. It's been horrible. Good to know that they're going to use a different format... as long as by "black and white" they don't mean black paper with white print. heh

Warren's picture

That's great you sent them an email, better yet that she took a quick look at the site!  Now, about that channeling problem....