Dye Lot Question

So, how terrible is it if I need more yarn but it's not the same dye lot?



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all depends on the yarn, the project and where and how you make the changeover.

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It's Cascade's Purple Jewel Heather. I was thinking that with a heather, it might not be too much of an issue.

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sometimes you can do alternate rows of the original dyelot and the new dye lot as a transition....

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Funny you ask - I just got EZ's "Knitting Without Tears" from the library and she talks about it. You might check that book.


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I've found Cascade yarns to be almost identical between dye lots, especially the heathers. You should be fine. I've seen several places that say to let them know the lot you're trying to match, and they'll do their best to accommodate. I know that Loopy Ewe will.... good luck!

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Buck Strong,

I did the same thing once - on a whim I went to eBay and found just enough to finish the project! Give that a try.


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Think less, enjoy it more.

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don't forget ravelry!
...it's amazing how many people will check the dye lot number of their stash and notify you...
We really have wonderful resources through the computer...

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I think using a heather saves the day. I am making an afghan for my partner's son & daughter-in-law. They wanted a variegated blue & white. I did not purchase enough yarn and had to get more, of course a totally different dye lot. Being variegated, the new blended well with the old, I think the same would be true of a heather.