Baby Blanket Craze!!

Hello everyone!! It is definitely baby season in Atlanta. I have several baby blankets in the works for work colleagues. Three in October, one in November and December and one next March!! So, I thought I would post my progress. Not sure when I'm going to find time to knit a hat for my bald head, but fortunately Atlanta doesn't get that cold. ;) Best wishes..until we knit again...

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What a great array of blankets. I usually use one of three patterns I have had success with. The last time I had to knit so many afghans in a year (5 - 7), I threatened to start handing out condoms with them. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Nice stuff. Are they double sided? Particularly the round one.

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the only double sided one would be the pink/green and brown blanket. It's just a combination of knit and purl so it would be reversible. I gues the round one could be reversed. It would be all purl bumps on the backl side though, not as attractive. Thanks for the comment

Until we knit again...David

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I'm impressed by the industry and the variety presented! I keep *meaning* to do baby blankets for various spawn and then never manage it....

I have toyed with the idea of doing one in the ciruclar/spiral pattern alternating knit and purled sections (or plain knit and lace - or all three) but haven't gotton around to it.


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Mario, the evil lace enabler, no satisfied with enabling adults, now he is going to start with the infants!

Is this your plan for world domination?


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Very Nice Work!!!
I love the pinwheel blanket. I have also done one of theose myself, easy to do but some what complicated without stich markers(thought I could keep count without markers, and then frogged it out, laughs at himself!). Job well done!

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love it. i've been making a bunch too for project linus. love to try the pinwheel one. where can i find the pattern?

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Those are great. Love the cables and the one looking like brick-work. They're all great - I too seem to always be knitting for babies. Happy knitting!!


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The blankets are cute! I especially like the one done in the round. Do you ever go to Knitch? I live in Athens, and I might be heading over there sometime in the next few weeks.


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P.S. "Until we knit again"... I've been saying "Aufweiderstricken" for a long time...


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Your blankets are GREAT!! I especially like the cabled, tan & white blanket. My best friends live in Rome, GA and are expecting their second baby on Nov. 4th. I'm making a BSJ and an umbilical cord hat for the little bugger.

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Beautiful! You do beautiful work.



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They all look great! I like the variety of the patterns, but like the look of the cabled and the spiral ones the best.

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Beautiful work!!