Baby Hoodie and Rhinebeck Hoopla

I started this Wonderful Wallaby the day after Christmas. I'm very proud to have resurrected it and finally finished my first baby project, joining my list of firsts for 2009. I started doing the kitchener stitch on the bus this morning, and used my small group time at the nursing home to finish the armpits. It was fun showing the sweater off to all the old ladies. Some watched closely as I put the finishing touches on the sweater with a darning needle. It's funny; they seem to think I can do everything, just because I can knit. Ha! I often retort that I can't throw a basketball straight to save my life, but I can knit and sing and pretend to dance. As for the sweater's intended wearer, there's currently no baby in the picture, so I'll hold on to it. One's bound to pop up somewhere soon.

I've been wanting to get to Rhinebeck, but it's been hard going. Can anyone up that way put me up for a night or so? I can get to the area via bus, but it's a bit far to do in one day, and no one of yet seems to be going from around here.

Who's planning to go to Rhinebeck? Is there a meetup for men who knit?

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Grerat looking hoodie. I obviously can't help with Rhinebeck, but would if I could. Hope you can go and have fun. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Thanks Joe.

My latest thoughts on Rhinebeck: I'm looking into renting a car for the weekend and sleeping in it. The only place I feel sure I'd be allowed to sleep in the car is at a rest stop on the thruway. I may be one tired chicken, but I hope to get there somehow.