Contented Knitting

There is something very comforting in knitting a project that is big enough to keep your lap warm. My current sweater project got to that length a few days ago. I've had several cozy days knitting away with a touch of fall in the air. Of course, that ends this week as Indian Summer kicks in. We're scheduled for 90's this week.



Stan Stansbury's picture

Yep. Now that you mention it, that's one of the things I like about sweaters as opposed to socks. They're big enough to feel suybstantiona lon your lap.

rjcb3's picture

That's always the way it happens, isn't it?


Bill's picture

I have my sweater with me in the hospital...and it's been great to work on...but I only have about three more hours on it then I have to stop, because I can't machine sew the steeks and cut in hospital! LOL
A friend is going to buy me cheerful multicoloured red wool and needles so I can work on some socks...I'll probably be here three more days.


purlyman's picture

ah yes - hasn't happened with me in a while... i'm on this baby sweater kick. I have 10 skeins of Icelandic yarn and an adult sweater pattern waiting on me to give them my undivided attention though. :-)