2009 Midwest Men's Knitting Retreat

Hi Guys! It's been an *interesting* summer... and we are gearing up BIG TIME for the upcoming 2009 Midwest Men's Knitting Retreat! HAVE YOU REGISTERED YET?? With all the buzz from the West Coast retreat over Labor Day, strike while the iron is hot, men!

Info is available at www.MensKnittingRetreat.com (Click on "Scheduled Events") or you can look us up on Ravelry by searching for the "Men's Knitting Retreat" group page.

So far our event is going to include a Welcome Reception at a downtown Chicago yarn shop, a private tour of Lorna's Laces (and subsequent shopping opportunity at a steep discount for mill ends and whatnot...What? Franklin Habit may be joining us?? Get out!!), a "Knit In Public" at the famed Art Institute of Chicago... and all of that is just on the PRE-RETREAT day!! We are also planning excursions to Marr Haven Farms (a lovely local producer of wool that BrooklynTweed has recently discovered), Briar Rose Fibers (you have got to see this dye house's colorways to truly appreciate their artistry and mastery!) as well as a trip to a local alpaca producer! Not to mention the awesome beauty that will surround us at Circle Pines Center! You can see pictures and more about the retreat center at www.CirclePinesCenter.org

The Devil is in The Details...

WHAT: 2009 Midwest Men's Knitting Retreat
WHEN: Thursday, November 12 (in Chicago), Friday, November 13 - Sunday, November 15 (in Delton, MI)
COST: $200 for double occupancy. A limited number of private rooms are available for an addition $20 This price includes your accomodations at Circle Pines, your meals at the Retreat Center and the retreat itself. Shopping for goodies at all of the venues along the way is up to you!!
HOW: Registration via PayPal to our fabulous organizer, Todd Gocken. His e-mail address for PayPal is Todd(dot)Gocken(at)gmail(dot)com Be sure to include your name, address, phone and e-mail address so we can properly connect with all the details! For those who are unable to use PayPal for whatever reason, send me a Private message and we will work it out!

Time is ticking... Register Now!!


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This is going to ba another fun and sucessfull retreat I wish I was going too!

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OOOOOOO.....wishful thinking!! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Joining the wishing boat...

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As log as my contract job starts at the end of this month, I'm in! Gotta see what their progress is on getting a computer to me.

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I'm gonna be there! I'm gonna be there! I'm so excited! WE'RE GOING TO BRIAR ROSE!!!! AAAAAAGH!!!!!

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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Now I'm truly envious...Ben Walker and Chris Roosien of Briar Rose all in the same event.

I LOVE Briar Rose Yarns...they are some of my very favorites. I'm sure Ben Walker is pretty amazing too.

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hmmmmmmm; according to the map that's only about an 8 hour drive.....though I'd have to skip 2 days of rehearsal and use a couple vacation days.....


MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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aw come on... do it!! :-)

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I wish I could go! I want pictures!!!!


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