I took the wheel

A friend from knitting group let me borrow her Louet wheel...just got to spend tonight trying it out at group. What fun! I spun and plied 57 yards of really sticky fiber. Sticky as in heavy in lanolin, I think. Once I make some more, it's getting a bath. I had kinda stopped spinning until I can get a wheel. Now I don't have an excuse. Whoohoo!

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Oh, this man's obviously hooked! Reel him in! (with hand-spun, of course)

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That's really tremendous work...is this your first time spinning and plying?

If you need to get the lanolin out, just soak the securely tied hank in hot water (as hot as your hand can take) and some Dawn dishwashing liquid (if you didn't already know this!).

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Thanks! I can't say this is my absolute first time behind a wheel...an evil enabler let me play a little at Knit in Public Day. However, this is the first time I really got to sit and sorta 'make' a yarn at a wheel. This batch surprised me with how well it came out...I was sure it was gonna be tight and wiry before I plied it. And it's got its share of twisty kinks and flubs like a good little first yarn will. I have spun and plied a few yarns on spindles, however.

Someone had mentioned giving it a hot soapy bath, but I appreciate the repetition. Way I see it, just because someone says doesn't mean it's so, but if a couple people say the same thing, I might just be well off following their advice.

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oh yeah - he's hooked; the proof is in the 490.jpg

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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If that's your first time, you're a natural. I traded some sock yarn for an Ashford Traditional and found out I'm not a natural. I need some lessons!



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I had some wool that I considered 'rather nasty' to work with, and it turned out to be great for a first spin at the wheel. After plying this skein, I pulled out a merino/viscose blend and had a terrible time with it. So I say, give yourself some leeway; you may be working with difficult materials.

Good luck! I don't find knitting to be very 'zen', but the spinning was kinda relaxing. Again, I attribute this to working with a fiber that I really didn't care how it turned out; I was able to relax and let it go bumpy or tight or whatever and not lose a bit of composure. Very freeing. Oh, and did I mention the fiber was someone else's destash? So I'm talking pressure-free practice.

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Beautiful spinning! Soon you'll be up to your spindle in fleeces and be wondering what the hell you've gotten yourself into.

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Nice spinning, Willy. I've used a Louet a time or two while demonstrating spinning with friends. Nice wheels and very user friendly. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Very nice! I might have to give this a try again some time.