Finally clogging along

Now that many of you clog boyz are already felting your creations, I've finally found out the sizes I need to make and bought enough yarn to make two pairs.  I came home from work this afternoon and got started on the first inner sole, which I'm doing in one strand of blue and one of light grey (hoping for a blue jeans effect).

I thought I'd pass along something that I found helpful when I made these clogs before.  First, I went through the entire pattern and underlined every occurrence of the center stitch, which is easy to recognize because it mostly occurs between two increases or decreases.  Then I marked the center stitch on my needles with a brightly-colored scrap of yarn so that while I was working I could easily verify that that stitch corresponded to the marked center stitch on the pattern.  I found it reassuring to have a landmark while repeatedly turning my work, rather than finding out further down the line that I'd miscounted and having to rip out several rows.

For several weeks I've been working on a sweater using #3 needles, so handling #13's comes as something of a shock.  However, I like having a couple of projects going at once so I can switch off when I get tired of one of them.  Anyway, I'm glad to finally get started clogging along with the group.  It's been fun reading everybody's posts and seeing the finished products so far.



That is a great idea.  I will use it on my next pair.



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Glad you finally came over to our side!!  Hehe.... now you are one of us!  Whatcha gonna be using?

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Oh, I've been on your side for a long, long time.  Oops, you mean clogs, huh?  Don't mind me.